GQ totally Rules

17 Nov

Being invited to partner to produce the wildly popular GQ Magazine series, GQ Rules, for the second year in a row was a tremendous honor.  To top it all off, they asked us to re-brand the series, and our heads nearly exploded when they chose all of our designs. Huge congratulations to our designer, Jordan Hull.  You kill it in design almost as hard as you wear tight jeans and asymmetrical hair well.


The Prids

11 Nov

Here’s a video sent to me by my friends The Prids, who are a pretty fantastic band based in Portland. Their song “All Apart and No Fall” was used by filmmakers James Mountford and David Terranova for a video featuring Sophie Willing and Jethro Cave. Yes, I’m quite the fan of Jethro’s father Nick, but I’ve slowly been picking up on his own talent in front of the camera. Videos like this either work or they don’t for me and this one works quite well.
All Apart and No Fall

An open invitation for Terri Timely to come party with us

4 Nov

We’ve been nerding out on the work of Terri Timely (a collaboration between Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey) since their ‘Marrow‘ video for St Vincent.  Our nerdy worship continues with their newest video for ‘Polarity Song’ by Seventeen Evergreen. Check it out (and seriously dudes, if you’re ever in Portland, we’d love to buy you a drink).

Microwave Challenge

31 May

There’s not a whole lot to say about these videos except that they’re clearly the greatest thing we’ve ever produced.  Donna and I have become preoccupied with microwave cuisine and thought it’d be a nice idea to share our innovations with the world.  Our friends at Field Recordings have since challenged us to a Microwave Challenge- Challenge so stay tuned! This is just the beginning.  I know you will all be holding your breath in rapt anticipation until then. -Courtney


(I mostly made this because Courtney is so disgusted by shrimp. shrimp IS gross, don’t make this)

Animated Gifs Come Alive: Cinemagraphs

27 Apr

Cinema-what? We’ve all seen animated gif’s. The best place for them is the web. Many of them are funny as hell. Some gif’s are informative to watch and many are a huge waste of time. But Cinemagraphs are the bomb because it brings a whole new value to the animated gif.

Cinemagraphs are a cool spin on gif’s because they take only a single portion of the image and animate it. The rest of the image remains still as one-element changes – it reminds me of what famous photographer Alfred Eisendstaedt said about fleeting moments (see quote below). Really cool stuff made by photographer Jamie Beck and FX artist Kevin Burg.

This could take off on many media types – advertising, web-based-video etc. Check out a full article on Co Design’s website.

“We are only beginning to learn what to say in a photograph. The world we live in is a succession of fleeting moments, any one of which might say something significant.”
-Alfred Eisenstaedt

New Videos Updated

1 Apr

We have updated our videos page on our site! New clips include work with Gilt Groupe and GQ (Jimmy Fallon, Emma Stone and LeBron James). - free web fonts download. See this Wordpress fonts plugin